Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh The Way Words DON'T Come

Words right now don't even work for me anymore. I think it may be that I have had some problems with some stories--not the stories themselves, outside things though have been giving me some problems. And this makes it a little depressing to even try to work on the stories.

I know, I sound like a whiney baby--my goal right now is to finish editing some things for a friend, make some fun banners and maybe some avatars to keep my mind off things--and get excited for things as well, and then maybe add some words to my stories.

But as for writing--somehow I am getting this gut feeling inside of me to write a screenplay. It would be a romantic comedy, but I have no idea how to write a screenplay. I wrote this one act play in my college intro to theater class about a year ago--it was a comedy, but alas, a lot of people didn't find it believable. For right now though, I know I really don't write good dialogue--I'm great with description, but I know my dialogue is dull and dry, there never seems to be enough emotion-for me-to immerse the reader's attention fully into the story. I think my best bet would be to try and write a some plays, teleplays, screenplays, whatever--as long as it helps my dialogue.

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  1. i suck at dialogue as well but i quess the old adage of 'practice makes perfect' is true. if you have agut feeling go with it, even if you only write the bones of etc. you can always go back and redo it when you feel happier in your skills. :)