Monday, February 23, 2009

Looky Look!

This is so nicey nice! And if you can tell me where I got the "nicey nice" from...I'll give you a kudos! And no, not the granola/candy bar thing.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Know Why

You walk around everyday screaming at people, "WHY? WHY? WHY?" And no one just seems to get it.

Today, I got it though. My writing slump is still in play--oh so ever big time play--but I have figured out why I just cannot write and why I hate writing.

First of all it is this--
1. High School Students who just don't GET IT! Come on all you high schoolers--go to class (ON TIME), do your homework (turn it in ON TIME), and quit coming to ask me if you are able to switch classes at the near END OF THE FREAKING 3RD TERM! School is almost out! Do what you need to do to GRADUATE! Or you won't be going to college. That's where part of our economy slump is and my writing slump combined...high school students.

2. Buying a house that is 1200 miles away. Yes, my hubby and I are trying to buy our first home and it is 1200 miles away from where we are living at the present moment. I never thought house buying would be so stressful--but oh believe me, if you haven't bought a house, you don't know what stress is.

3. Too much television. See, my friend and I love the show, Dead Like Me, about a group of grim reapers and their day to day living. She lent me the 2 seasons of the show on DVD and I haven't been able to stop watching.

4. Lazy. Yup, we all just slump into a laziness. I'll plump out of this soon enough though. I have work to finish!

5. Sophie Kinsella. I have to blame one of my now favorite story tellers just because her writing style is very very very very (did I mention very?) addictive and so are her characters. It's so hard to break away from her story telling descriptions and emotions that it makes it hard for me to write my own thing. But I will never stop reading anything.

There are my top 5 reasons why I am slumping and wallowing in my grief of writing. Hopefully I can get rid of this slump and work hard on something soon.

P.S. It also doesn't help that I hate my hubby hovering while I am writing. He says he doesn't, but I know he really does ;). I still love him anyway. But that's why I use the laptop in my room while he is gone or write while he is working and my daughter is sleeping.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Hate Everything Today and It Hates Me!

So, I have been wallowing in self-pity about my writing style the past--oh let's say--month and a half. And today has been the worst.

I STINK AS A WRITER! I totally have to get that out there, and boy does that feel good. My writing world is crashing down on me. None of my stories want to be written--and that's a lot of stories--and my characters only care about shopping for some strange hell-ish reason.

So, since I stink as a writer--and I did enter a contest just with my online writing group--and of course, the other entries rock. I realize that I wrote something really really sappy and stupid. I can't write, I just can't. Nothing right now could make me feel better--unless someone could ship Josh Groban to me--but still, not even my favorite music can console my desperate living soul that needs words to live.

But since I stink--since I started to say that earlier--I am going to try and just make some covers for all my stupid story ideas.

Oh and you want to know why I call them all stupid ideas? Because for some reason I can't write them fast enough--but someone else is getting them out there before me! I sure hope that their writing sucks as bad as mine does with those stories.

I know I shouldn't wish that upon other writers, but that is how I feel at the moment. And only Sophie Kinsella can cheer me up with her wondrous world of women in great careers but screw them up somehow and find love at the same time. I have seriously never even read about someone having a nervous breakdown, but Sophie Kinsella can write it in one chapter. How cool is that? I laughed the whole way through it. I love that woman's writing and always will! Thank you Sophie for keeping me laughing in my time of self-despair.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Too Many Ideas

Some say that it is impossible to have too many story ideas, but I disagree.

I say this because whenever I get into my mode for working on any of my actual started stories, I have a dream--that is a completely different storyline.

I now have started over six stories and two short stories with one screenplay to be in the works for the Script Frenzy in April. Only one, count 'em, one of the stories actually has one finished draft.

There are also many other ideas floating around in my head, but I have not written them down because I have a fear that those characters will take over and I will have more than ten stories being worked on at once.

Oh, and just so everyone knows, my friend is the publisher/editor of and I have been helping her out with writing reviews on movies, books, and music. You can go to her site now and see my review for Bolt, and the Twilight panel interview from Comic Con that I transcribed for the site. Hopefully, when I finish reading a certain book *coughInkdeathcough*, I will be able to help her more with writing reviews for books and then also television shows.