Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Know Why

You walk around everyday screaming at people, "WHY? WHY? WHY?" And no one just seems to get it.

Today, I got it though. My writing slump is still in play--oh so ever big time play--but I have figured out why I just cannot write and why I hate writing.

First of all it is this--
1. High School Students who just don't GET IT! Come on all you high schoolers--go to class (ON TIME), do your homework (turn it in ON TIME), and quit coming to ask me if you are able to switch classes at the near END OF THE FREAKING 3RD TERM! School is almost out! Do what you need to do to GRADUATE! Or you won't be going to college. That's where part of our economy slump is and my writing slump combined...high school students.

2. Buying a house that is 1200 miles away. Yes, my hubby and I are trying to buy our first home and it is 1200 miles away from where we are living at the present moment. I never thought house buying would be so stressful--but oh believe me, if you haven't bought a house, you don't know what stress is.

3. Too much television. See, my friend and I love the show, Dead Like Me, about a group of grim reapers and their day to day living. She lent me the 2 seasons of the show on DVD and I haven't been able to stop watching.

4. Lazy. Yup, we all just slump into a laziness. I'll plump out of this soon enough though. I have work to finish!

5. Sophie Kinsella. I have to blame one of my now favorite story tellers just because her writing style is very very very very (did I mention very?) addictive and so are her characters. It's so hard to break away from her story telling descriptions and emotions that it makes it hard for me to write my own thing. But I will never stop reading anything.

There are my top 5 reasons why I am slumping and wallowing in my grief of writing. Hopefully I can get rid of this slump and work hard on something soon.

P.S. It also doesn't help that I hate my hubby hovering while I am writing. He says he doesn't, but I know he really does ;). I still love him anyway. But that's why I use the laptop in my room while he is gone or write while he is working and my daughter is sleeping.

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  1. Urgh, writing slumps...hate 'em. I came close to getting stuck in one about a week ago. But then I managed to pop myself out of it with that secret stash of writing dust. ;) That and the fact that my parents are after me to let them read my stuff. If I don't get it finished soon they'll hijack my thumb drive.

    Oh, and for #3...I LOVE Dead Like Me!!! The movie supposedly came out this month, but I don't know much about it. I'm going to see if I can track it down.