Monday, January 16, 2012

Quick Update

Nope, haven't done ANY writing whatsoever lately.  I did spend some time earlier in 2011 at some point creating character sheets and descriptions of a lot of characters I have in my mind lately and I just don't have the right way to tell the story yet.

This past year, I didn't participate in NaNo mostly due to the fact I have a baby moving around the house and I helped my mother-in-law babysit my nephew for almost 2 weeks and my daughter had dance and a concert and I'm still playing catch up on sleep because baby got pretty sick and would only sleep if lying next to me.

But, things look brighter for this year for writing.  I am finally getting baby back on schedule for sleeping, so at some time, I will begin my third rewrite for my vampire/witch novel.  I started a couple rewrites and decided, "That's wrong!"  My story is cliche, but it's fun and I like it.  I did join a writing group through facebook where I need to get a submission in at the end of each month.  More motivation you say?  Yes and no.  I almost don't want to face my story head on and do another rewrite.  I'd rather read all their stories and give feedback at the moment.  But I know I will submit and also critique.

So, hopefully you all had a new year.  I know mine is chaotic at the moment, but I do see writing happening a lot more this year than it did last year.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    I'm happy you're getting back to writing!