Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Ideas

Why oh why do I leave this blog to suffer?  I'm so sorry to all of you that follow it.  I wish I did write in it more but now my little baby I had last year where I thought I would get more writing done is now faster than me and getting into EVERYTHING!  Nevertheless, my mind still goes crazy with ideas and I have finally written down a little bit of the background of the story and am now working on the tiny details.  When I wrote down the idea, I realized that I had to create my own mythology with it.  Let's just say it's like a mix of the Percy Jackson series meets the Fablehaven series meets The Mortal Instruments series.  But I am busy busy with many things and I'm even hoping to start school again to get my Bachelor's degree in English this Fall!  I'm extremely excited about beginning school again (I have missed it), and then I will be able to really get something done that I want to get done.

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