Saturday, October 18, 2008


Alrighty then!

I am on a short vacation in California. I'm hoping to get some time to work on some story outlines. Especially that one story I have for National Novel Writing Month. If you like to write, try it. It's an amazing release for your mind and a great challenge that no matter how much you write, you are proud of yourself. The goal for every NaNo participant is 50,000 words in 30 days. That's a lot. I have recruited some people. Last year I participated and I got 6,000 words done. I am still extremely proud of how much I got done especially with how busy I was last year with everything else in my life. This year though, I WILL make the 1667 words per day goal to get my 50,000! I WILL I WILL! So, sign up on if you want to participate in it and try. It's so exhilirating!

Also, really really really come to this masquerade ball on the 24th. All you Utah people COME! It's a great magnificent cause to support our troops. You don't have to support the war in order to appreciate what these men and women have put forth to help our country. It'll be awesome!

And, check out That's my friends review site and it's amazing. :)

Anywho, since I'm on vacation, I will try to get Part 3 of my Supernatural Fanfic up and going again soon and get it done by Halloween so you can have a treat of how I perceive the show and the Winchester boys! :D


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  1. Hi, its epona from WD, i just added myself as your 'follower'

    Good luck with nanowrimo - tis so intense i don't know if i could handle it myself but its a brilliant idea.

    Your friends website is amazing (i'm a complete web idiot) so i'm just blown away. I read Charise's post about BD (i'm a fan) and agree with alot he said (and didn't say - i couldn't quite swallow the pregnancy thing). definitly a site i'll check out more!