Sunday, October 5, 2008

Supernatural Fanfic Part One

Okay, I am giving into "not" writing fanfics, but this idea was too good to put away in the closet.

Keepers Part One:

Her feet pounded the wet ground softly yet in a rapid pace. Heart racing and breathing quickly the Adidas running shoes made her feel like she could fly anywhere. Climbing the steps of the Victorian style home in Illinois, the wooden porch steps squeaked and groaned. Taking a final count of her heartbeat, she put in her key into the white painted door and clicked open the lock.
"I'm home Mom," she yelled as she stepped into the front entry. She heard no answer from her mom, but knew she was present in the house.
Quickly running up the stairs to the bathroom, she dressed down and climbed into the shower to cool down and clean up from her run.
A small, rippled window right above the shower head glowed a slight orange from the rising moon.
She stepped into the shower, warm droplets of water relaxed her tense muscles and slowed her heart rate as she breathed slower.
Running her fingers through her long, wet brown hair, she heard a rustle outside the dark blue and white striped shower curtain.
"Just a breeze from the vent," she told herself outloud. Shrugging it all off, she continued to wash herself.
A few moments later, a loud ominous sounding thud came from the side of the tub making the ceramic vibrate. Slowly, she peeked around the curtain to find a young man in his twenties, short blond hair and a slight show of not shaving for a few days stood before her. She kept her eyes locked on the young man as she leaned backwards to her homemade bath salts. Grabbing a handful, the young man spoke.
"I'm so sorry Johanna." His image flickered as if he were a dying lightbulb, then he disappeared. Not letting go of the salts in her hand, she turned back to the shower and underneath the shower head of pouring water, there the young man stood once more. "I'm so sorry Johanna," he said once more.
"Damn you Kale," she told him and threw the salt at the spirit in her shower. The young man's spirit disappeared for the time being. "I could have sworn I salted and burned his bones just last week!" Frustrated, she finished her shower quickly, and upon climbing to her bed checked her shotgun to make sure it had salt shots and went to sleep.

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