Friday, April 23, 2010

The Busy Life of a Mom Wannabe Writer

So so so incredibly behind on this blog!  Here's an update of what's been going on with me.

  • Got one sinus infection.  Got over it without having to go to the doctor.
  • Was fine and busy exercising, doing things for church, and weeding my "to-be" garden area.
  • Got another sinus infection.  Darn those allergies!  Still got over it without having to go to the doctor.  Just barely though--I've been through 2 of those things in one month.  If I get another one--going to the doctor.
  • Working on my little one's first year scrapbook album.  At least trying to get as much in it as possible from already printed pics then getting more printed so I can get it all finished up.
  • Researching digitally printed albums in book form.  However, the cheapest place I have found is snapfish for a 12x12 album.  Hopefully I can use what I've already put together.
  • Been thinking of working on my Paranormal Young Adult Romance novel. 
  • Been thinking of working on some of my vampire stories.
  • Also been thinking of planning some kind of other more fantasy story.
  • Getting ready to go on a trip for a few days next week.
  • Doing more things for church.
  • Being a mom first and foremost in everything I do.
Things have been manically crazy.  I always feel like singing "Manic Monday" every day of the week.  Because for one reason or another, I'm busy even when I don't feel like I'm busy.  The life of a mom and when it gets to the "me" time stage to do whatever I want (which should be writing), it's about midnight and my pillow is calling my name.

Soon though.  Soon I will write again.

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