Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is On a Roll (With Book Contests)

I love books. Always have, always will. It's a trait that my husband and I both share. It's a trait we passed down to our daughter. There is nothing like reading a book. I love where the imagination can take you when intermingled with the right words. You take my family to the bookstore and we will most likely want more than anyone can really afford in books.

Lately, I am getting really into reading again (since school starts on Tuesday for my little one) and will now open up a bit more time for me during the day to write and to read. I plan on doing other things, but mostly I'll be hopefully writing and reading.

I, for some reason, come across a site every few days on book reviews and they will have a giveaway! I love this other review site, A Reader's Ramblings. It's an awesome site! The blogger for this site also works on the Eve's Fan Garden site that is mentioned in my last two posts. But our lovely Reader is having a contest! Go check it out! Click here for contest.

Such a great site! Also, check out The Book Bundle soon for my review of the book, Fallen by Lauren Kate.

And yes, I do have a writing update and writing post coming soon. My life is not totally consumed by winning books (although I have won a few books this past month, it's like they want me to read them!)


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