Thursday, September 2, 2010

To Post Story Chapters or To Not Post...

So, a new thing has come to my attention for my writing.  Apparently it would be a very good idea if I made my own website now and keep it forever.  However, that is a hard thing to do when you are a stay at home mom and make no money to do that with.  Heck, I don't even have money to do fun things with unless they are under $1!  Which, these days, can buy me something on a dollar menu, but it takes more in gas to go do that one dollar thing.

Anyway, one thing suggested was this.  To put a little tip jar on my blog that if people like my work, they can pay me tips to keep going so they can read more.  I thought that was a cool and ingenious idea, however, there are a lot of people like me.  Broke.  But, if they can't leave a tip, they could certainly leave a reviewing comment or even a critiquing comment if they so like.

Would anyone be interested in reading my chapters as I work on them?  If so, please comment about it and what you think.  You can even put up what you think is good for an amateur writer to do concerning websites and posting their work early.

In the mean time, if you do want me to post some of my work, I will.  But first, I want to know what story you'd like to read.

I have two stories.  One is being in a rewrite phase, but I do have some to read available at the moment and the other has up to five chapters plus a prologue written.  Here are the choices:

1) Flare of the Sun:  Catherine wants to become a professional dancer.  Wants to train at Julliard, but when two new people show up at her high school during her senior year, things begin to change.  One student with the sunglasses on all the time is constantly vying for her attention and to get her alone.  The other befriends her and begins to date her best friend.  Her mother is acting stranger and more strict than usual and everyone seems concerned for her well being.  As she goes on her graduation trip to Italy, things sky rocket from strange to plain old unbelievable as she learns about her bloodlines and what she must do to save herself, her best friend, and the entire world from the clutches of an ancient group of vampires that want humans to worship them as gods.

Now, Flare of the Sun, is the first of a trilogy for Catherine's adventures and story.  This is the one in its rewrite phases.

2) Lovely Dreams: Emma has a gift.  It is a gift passed down from mother to daughter, but it is dangerous when used constantly.  It killed her mother, and as Emma knows, she must be able to control it or it too may kill her.  She can speak with and interact with ghosts in her dreams.  Helping her father on ghost hunts to rid homes and other places of spirits not wanting to let go, Emma goes with him to a southern plantation in Texas to rid its' grounds of a Civil War soldier who has haunted it for years.  As she comes to see the soldier in a different light, she never expected to fall for him.  Emma also didn't expect to fall for the human farm boy from the small town nearby.  But when Emma gets sick, she knows the effects of her ability are involved and she may die.  Now she must choose who to be with forever.  The farm boy and her father, or the ghost in her dreams.

Lovely Dreams is a stand alone story with a possible option for a sequel if readers really like it.

Let me know your opinions on this!  I would love to get outside looks on these but again, I'm leery about putting my work online and asking people to tip me for it.  But, if people are willing, then I will. :)



  1. Hmmmm. . . I wonder about this Jess. It's a great idea and everything but when i heard about 'tuesday teasers' I thought it might be so much fun but then I talked to few people etc. and sometimes (from what i've heard) publishers (esp shorts) consider your work already published if its posted on the internet?
    It might be good idea to check it out! It#s an ingenious idea and wish you best of luck if you go ahead :)

  2. Thanks Emily. Yeah, I've heard it both ways. I'm only considering it right now because David Farland, the author I get email blogs from, actually suggests it to get your name already out there and that way publishers can see your work and your fan following already. Makes you look more marketable.