Monday, May 18, 2009

Things to Learn as a Writer

Okay, so I receive regular emails from the author David Wolverton/Farland. He's a science fiction author and does workshops and such. He also does what I guess you could call it an "email blog".

Anyway, he's been writing on what he likes to call the "Beatitudes of Writers"

I am going to do a spin-off of this and use some things I've noticed that really help as a beginning writer.

So, over the next little while I will be doing the "Things to Learn as a Writer" instead of calling it the "Beatitudes of Writing".

Here is what I will focus on:
1. Be Courageous
2. Be Aware of your Weaknesses and Do Not Forgive Them
3. Be Innovative
4. Be Humble
5. Be Persistant
6. Be Convicted in Your Writing
7. Be in Charge of Your Writing
8. Be Studious

I'll actually just change the title of these items on the "8 Be's of Writing".

There are many more things you can do with writing and need to focus on but these are the ones I noticed from David's email blog and from other sites and books that really need to be focused on.

This will all begin shortly--I will work on one a day or so. Ciao!


  1. I like this list, pianist! Thanks for sharing/updating. :D I'm book marking this page. Nice blog by the way. I can tell I'm going to come back.

    Happy writing and gobbling!