Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Time

You'd think with the holidays coming and going so quickly that you'd get the time to do all the Christmas shopping, go to all the Christmas and Thanksgiving get togethers and get writing done.  So not true.  I've found I'm always busiest at Christmas time making gifts for others mostly.

This year though, I know my New Year's Resolution already.  It's been driving me crazy that I can't get any writing done so I'm just going to give myself all of next year to finish a story and get it edited and maybe, just maybe get a query letter done to send out.  Doubt I will make it that far, but we'll see how things go. 

I've been pondering lately on one of my vampire stories that I find most intriguing and pretty original.  I got a few new ideas for the story and can't wait to try and incorporate them (when I get the time to write at all).

Well, I got to get going now.  Lots to do before the big fun filled magical day with family next week!  Merry Christmas everyone and don't forget to stop by my review blog,  Ciao!

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  1. good luck! I seem to have got my New Years Resolutions almost sorted. The same as last year really.