Thursday, February 4, 2010

Writing Groups

I was asked a few weeks ago to host a writing group within my church.  Of course, how could I not turn away the fact that I can attend a writing group in my area once a month with people I know can and are my friends.

But that got me to thinking lately about writing groups.  This writing group will be a mix of writing.  Blog writers, fiction writers, poetry writers, etc.  The first meeting is this next Wednesday and of course I'm so excited I'm thinking of making chocolate chip cookies for it but also at the same time, I'm very apprehensive as to what are we going to actually do for the first time around?

I've heard to just trade papers and edit and help each other with what we like about their writing and what we don't like and what they should work on.

I've also heard--oh just go with the flow of how things feel.

No.  I cannot just do either of those things!  I can't!

But I figure I can at least have a writing prompt to vomit the words on the page, possibly do a get to know you feature (but within writing parameters of course), and then a treat and possibly discussing what everyone in the group would like to see from this.  What are their goals for writing?  What are they looking for in the group itself?

I don't know about you, but being an "on the edge of the seat" kind of writer, a writing group isn't something I can just do "on the edge of my seat" kind of thing.  So, if you have suggestions on what I can incorporate for this writing group--it would be most helpful! 


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