Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Final Question From The Stephenie Meyer Q & A At Thanksgiving Point

Here it is everyone...the final question that is my favorite since I am a writer. I'm really thankful that was able to meet Stephenie Meyer and to just be able to listen to the answer to this question, made me feel more of a writer myself. I'm trying to do some of the things in this answer already in order to make my writing better.

Oh and really quick news on my writing...I am now working on my outline for my story, Lovely Dreams, and the outline for the second book that follows The Sunset Heir which is tentatively called, The Shadow of the Moon. I'm really excited about these new projects and without a doubt excited to go back through The Sunset Heir and get some editing done on it.

So, back to Stephenie Meyer!

15. Just to finish up, I get a lot of questions about being a writer. How do I get my books published? How should I go about this and that? And this is sort of my normal spiel; this is what I tell people who want to write.
Write. Don’t worry about any of that other stuff. Because it really doesn’t matter. If you’re not writing for the experience of writing, the rest of it is not going to be worth it. Because it’s actually, I know some people think it’s kind of glamorous and everything—it’s really not. In fact, we were in Texas and some girls got in trouble with the police because they were hanging out of their car. They had seen this white limo and they figured I was in it. It’s like, No, I don’t roll in limos, sorry. There’s a lot of hard work involved in being a writer and there is a lot of sacrifice and that’s not the good part. The good part is the writing. So if you’re not, if it’s not enough for you to be able to sit down and just write the story for yourself, then maybe that’s not the right way to go. If it is, and you love it and you love those characters and you want to share them with other people, wait until you’re done. Finish the book. Write it for yourself and never second guess and think, “What will someone else think about this? Is it appropriate for this audience? Or should I write for a different audience?” Don’t think about any audience but you. Finish the book and then when you’re all done, get online because there are a million resources out there. Do the research; follow the rules because agents hate it when you get cutesy with your letters. Just send them what they want. There’s a really great website called, Writer’s Market Online and that will give you all kinds of information, but my main advice is wait until you’re done. And enjoy the writing because I would still do this even if nobody here had ever read any one of my books and no one was going to. Because to me, writing the stories is just sure joy that it really doesn’t matter that anybody else enjoys it. But I’m really glad you are here, and have read my books. And it really does make it magic to know that my characters don’t just live in here (Stephenie’s mind) but in everyone else’s heads too. That makes them so real for me, it’s really cool.

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