Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today I had one of my main character's, Emma, from Lovely Dreams, show me two incredibly depressing and sad scenes from her story. I wrote them down making it close to 4,000 words for just two scenes.

I feel so accomplished at getting through these scenes because 1) they were incredibly difficult emotionally to write and 2) I didn't flood the keyboard! I was afraid that because I'm an incredibly emotional person that I would do that second one more.

I do have to say thanks to all those in my writing group at the WD though. If it weren't for them tonight, I wouldn't have gotten through these scenes very well. I would have been a complete and crazy mess! So, you all know who you are...keep it up!

Anyway, so now this story basically has the ending written and since I've got this love triangle in the story, I find now that there is a happy ending for my Emma. Much happier than the original ending. Now my epilogue is going to change, but that's okay. I'm so happy!

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