Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sad Songs.

Okay well, a lot of writers use music to write. Some like classical music because lyrics can distract them, and others like me like to use songs with lyrics in them. Sad songs help out a lot.

Here is a list of sad songs that help out with a lot of very sad scenes. I have used a lot of these before for my own writing.

1. Minnie Driver--Hungry Heart
2. Faith Hill--Let Me Let Go, Like We Never Loved At All, It Matters To Me, Cry
3. Guns 'N Roses--November Rain
4. Mandy Moore--Want You Back, Cry, I Wanna Be With You
5. Maroon 5--Better That We Break
6. Jekyll and Hyde Soundtrack--Once Upon A Dream
7. Jimmy Eat World--My Sundown, Here You Me
8. Josh Groban--To Where You Are, Home To Stay, Broken Vow, Remember When It Rained, Caruso, She's Out Of My Life, For Always Forever, With You, My December
9. Les Miserables Soundtrack--A Little Fall Of Rain
10. Matchbox 20--If You Are Gone
11. Moulin Rouge Soundtrack--Come What May (a really good love song, but it is still a sad song)
12. Nickel Creek--The Hand Song
13. Dido--Here With Me
14. Rent Soundtrack--Without You
15. LeAnn Rimes--Insensitive, Please Remember: Coyote Ugly Soundtrack
16. Sarah Brightman--Here With Me, Let It Rain
17. Bryan Adams--Do I Have To Say The Words?, Straight From The Heart, Please Forgive Me
18. Taylor Swift--Teardrops On My Guitar, Cold As You
19. Avril Lavigne--When You're Gone, Slipped Away
20. Loreena McKennit--The Highway Man
21. Within Temptation--Forgiven
22. BBMak from The Princess Diaries--Miss You More
23. Carrie Underwood--Starts With Goodbye, Just A Dream, I Know You Won't
24. Michelle Branch--Goodbye To You
25. U2--With Or Without You
26. Linkin Park--My December, Shadow Of The Day
27. 3 Doors Down--Let Me Be Myself, Pages, When I'm Gone, Here Without You
28. Saliva--Rest In Pieces
29. Celine Dion--Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)
30. Coldplay--The Scientist
31. Secondhand Serenade--Like A Knife, Goodbye
32. Muse--Sing For Absolution
33. Aida Soundtrack (The musical, not the Opera)--Written In The Stars, A Step Too Far, Elaborate Lives, Enchantment Passing Through
34. August Rush Soundtrack--This Time, Something Inside
35. Michael Buble--Lost
36. Daughtry--Over You
37. Enchanted Soundtrack--So Close
38. Backstreet Boys--Incomplete
39. Evanescence--My Immortal
40. Switchfoot--Dare You To Move
41. Garth Brooks--The Dance, It Was Your Song
42. Goo Goo Dolls--Iris
43. Depeche Mode--Precious
44. Nickelback--Someday, Far Away
45. Lifehouse--Broken
46. Gavin Degraw--We Belong Together
47. Kate Winslet--What If
48. P.S. I Love You Soundtrack--Love You Til The End (yes, it is a romantic song, but if you have seen the movie, this song makes you cry!), More Time, Everything We Had

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! Helped a bunch! :D