Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Okay, so those of you who see my blog and actually read it. I am working on updating some things on here. I'm trying to add some things so that you can listen to music, see my favorite books, and what I am reading right now--same with movies.

So, my first update, vwa-la (sorry--have no idea how to spell that). But you can now see my Breaking Dawn countdown going on. It will disappear the day after the book comes out. I hope that you enjoy it. I'm totally excited about it. You'll probably see a countdown for the movie as well some time soon.

Also, editing is horrible. I hate it! I am rewriting the first 3-4 chapters and am still working on chapter 1. I do like my rewrite more though...I could tell that I had really good stuff from the first draft, but I love my second draft so far and can tell that the story will be much better just from this. And I am still working on the outline for the second book. My characters won't tell me anything about it for now. It seems to be a really big secret.


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