Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Book Tour Tuesday

So, as I was thinking on what I would do for each day of the week, one thought came into my mind.  Why shouldn't I review a book each week?  Even if it isn't a newly published book, getting the recommendation is always a great start to learning about an author and what kinds of books they write.

Now, I will hopefully be able to get some authors interviewed in the future for Book Tour Tuesdays, but for now I will put up a book review, or even have guest posts for book reviews in case I'm too slow in my reading.

For this week, I have chosen to review Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Marissa Meyer Website

This book at first glance was certainly intriguing to me.  And I saw this book first on Goodreads.com before it's release as a recommended new author read for me. (Back in 2012)

I'll admit, I wasn't super excited when I started to read this story about Cinder, but as I kept going, it got better and better.  The characters were lovable and despicable.  The science fiction base of it all was fun, and even the idea of what the future of the world could be was fun to read.  And by the way, if you want to know my favorite character in the book.  Her name is Iko and she's a robot. Finally at the end, I couldn't put it down! I had to force myself to put it down a couple of times because I realized it was past midnight and I had to get up early the next day.  In the end, I had to get the next book and I've already started to read it. Scarlet is its title, and I can't wait to finish it so I can read the third book of this series which is The Lunar Chronicles.

If you want more detail into the story, I'm not going to give much away.  Although, I found out some of it to be predictable, but was still fun to read.  Hopefully you'll check it out at your local library or purchase it for your collection.  It's a great, clean read, so it's wonderful for preteen readers as well as any other Young Adult genre fan.  Also, if you like fairy tale stories, you'll like this Dystopian/science fiction version of fairy tales.

Go out there and get reading and get writing!

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