Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Friday, Monday, & Tuesday in One!

So, I had Challenge Fridays that I wanted to start.  Sorry I didn't post that day.  It was my oldest's 10th birthday party and there was a lot of last minute stuff left to do for it, so I was super busy handling mom/hostess duties for 10-10 year old girls!  Wow and it was a wonderful party and I'm glad that everyone had a blast.

In that light, I did not get my own challenge finished, although it has been on my mind a lot.  I don't want to disappoint in my own beginnings of Challenge Fridays! I really want to practice setting a goal on one day and reporting on it the next week.  So, this week, I am going to finish those hooded towels and also get studying my physics for my new story idea I'm working on.

And sorry I missed yesterday's post.  One of the very first friends I made after I moved from Utah to Illinois passed away Sunday evening after battling a very rare form of cancer.  It's very sad.  I have had friends pass away before, been to their funerals and such, but I didn't really do much grieving for them.  For her though, I have thought about her every day.  I have been praying for her husband and three children that she has left behind, and I am grateful that I got to know her, even if it was for a short time after I moved here (her family moved to Missouri after about a year of me and my family moving to Illinois).  I remember us talking about her daughter being a lefty because I'm a lefty and how to teach her to write and other things since my friend and her husband were both right-handed.  I remember carving pumpkins with her family and going to the pumpkin patch with them during our first Halloween in Illinois.  I also remember that about a week before they moved away she called me and wanted to go to lunch and go shopping with me before they moved.  She will be missed by all those that she came across in her life, but she will also be remembered.

So for my Book Tour Tuesday, I actually don't have one.  Although I want to talk about a book that I wish I had read and think will now after seeing the movie.  I watched the movie, The Fault in Our Stars, last night which is based off the book by John Green.  It's about a girl, Hazel, who has thyroid cancer that has spread and she has a hard time breathing because her lungs aren't strong enough and keep filling with fluid.  But it's not just about her.  It's about her journey with a boy she meets at a support group named, Augustus Waters.  He, too, is a cancer patient, but unlike her, he has the most positive, upbeat soul that is grateful for every day he is alive.  The relationship that builds between the girl (Hazel) and Augustus is amazing!  They find the support, love, and friendship they both needed in their lives through the story.  I cried, I laughed through the movie and I kept thinking about my friend and her family.  I pray that one day the cure to cure all cancers will be here and it will just be something we talk about in history class, like small pox.  I pray that all of my readers with family members fighting this awful disease know how much I admire their strength to endure such a hardship (the one who is sick and the family members helping out as well).  I will definitely be picking this book up in the future to read!

In the meantime,

Get out there, get reading and get writing!

P.S.  If you did a Challenge Friday, feel free to share what challenge you picked and if or how you plan to accomplish it and how it made you feel finishing a project or writing goal.

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