Friday, June 12, 2015

Challenge Fridays

Don't you love Fridays?  I normally do.  Unless I have kids soccer games at 9 am on Saturday, which since it's soccer season, I do.  Luckily it's the last day of soccer for the Spring season until the Fall season begins in September.

So, for Fridays, I think I'm going to initiate the Challenge Friday.  It will be a writing prompt, learning about something new, or just challenging yourself to something you don't normally do.  Work on it over the weekend, then if you want, let me know in the comments on the next week what you worked on.  Every week I'm hoping you'll share your challenge in the comments below so that it gives others ideas and we can be supportive of each other even though we may be states apart.

For this Challenge Friday, I am going to challenge myself to learn how to make hooded towels for my kids.  My kids needed new hooded towels since their current ones are too small for them now.  I decided I would make some.  I have everything, I just am always afraid that I will mess up so big that I can't recover from it.  I've done it before, and plus, I have a sewing machine that hates me most of the time.

I'll try to post pictures of the finished product next Friday and talk about working through it.  I believe as a writer, if you want to be a good writer, you have to be able to face challenges head-on, even if you think it will blow up royally in your face.  Whether we get Writer's Block, or are just trying to learn how our character will face a challenge they are faced with, we need to know how we react in situations that challenge us.  Challenges make us stronger, more fierce, and more ready to face the day ahead.

Get out there, get reading, and get writing!

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