Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Story Share

For Thursday, I wanted to make sure you saw what I was working on.  I'll be secret about it for now mostly, but I will tell you that I'm really excited about this one.  It's like a version of Evil Doctor Who.

So, I went to the library yesterday and checked out books on physics and time travel and Albert Einstein (Theory of Relativity stuff).  I'm a little daunted by it all, but before I can really dive into my science of my story, I have to learn some of this stuff.  I love it when stories are inventive and creative, but I also love it when it's mixed with proper science and math.  It has to make sense in order for it to be believable and grab the reader's attention.

If all I said was that I'm writing a story on time travel, but I didn't care about the science of it all, how would that make my story exciting at all?  Having a basis for where your story pieces come from can help your reader become more engaged in the story itself.

Get out there, get reading and get writing!

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